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why is nerd accelerating innovation?

Disruptive innovation is crucial to advancing humanity and making life better for everyone, but it takes time, talent, and luck to make it happen.

Although time, talent, and luck are evenly distributed throughout the world—opportunity is not. Nerd is on a mission to level the playing field to give innovators the recognition and opportunities they deserve.

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hyper nodes

Nodes log transaction data on the blockchain. In exchange for stabilizing the blockchain, nodes earn a portion of daily EON distribution. Click below to learn more and create your Nerd account.



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Distributed in Year 1
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what is the hyper blockchain?

The Hyper Blockchain serves as the underlying infrastructure for the Nerd ecosystem. It is a fork of Ethereum that uses the Proof of Authority consensus mechanism. It is designed for high scalability, low costs, and fast transaction speeds. The Hyper Blockchain is governed by the Node Network DGF, with the administrative assistance provided by Node Governance.

what are hyper nodes?

Hyper Nodes facilitate transactions on the Hyper Blockchain and play a crucial role in the Nerd ecosystem. There are two types of nodes: Builder and Lite, each with different capacities and rewards for running them.

what is a builder node?

A Builder Node, priced at $500, allows you to confirm transactions on the Hyper Blockchain. It earns 25,000 action points for running the node 6 hours a day and 200 points for each $1 referred. It also has a consensus vote. The price for Builders Nodes will increase $10 for every 100 Builders Nodes purchased and running.

What is a lite node?

A Lite Node, priced at $25, allows you to confirm transactions on the Hyper Blockchain. It earns 100 points for running the node 6 hours a day and has a .004 consensus vote. It also earns 200 points for each $1 referred.

what is eon?

EON is the native token of the Nerd ecosystem. It acts as a reward and community currency, contributing to the gamified experience within the community. EON tokens can be earned through activities and redeemed for exclusive benefits. It can be used to pay gas fees on the Hyper Blockchain, is transferable to the Ethereum blockchain, and can be staked for Node Network DGF proposals.

How do I earn eon?

EON tokens can be earned by participating in Nerd products, engaging within the community, and running Nerd nodes. These activities contribute to action points, which are then converted into EON distribution.

how are eon distributions calculated?

Token distribution depends on the total number of action points earned from running Nerd nodes for at least 6 hours of the day, referring new members into the community, or participating in any Nerd community or products.

what's the total supply of eon?

The total supply of EON tokens is 50,000,000,000.

what's the halving process?

The halving process takes place every 365 days, reducing the number of new tokens generated and distributed as rewards.

how does halving work?

The token distribution schedule is as follows:- Year 1: 25,000,000,000 Tokens (50% of total supply distributed)

• Year 2: 12,500,000,000 Tokens (75% of total supply distributed)
• Year 3: 6,250,000,000 Tokens (87% of total supply distributed)
• Year 4: 3,125,000,000 Tokens (93% of total supply distributed)
• Year 5: 1,562,500,000 Tokens (96% of total supply distributed)

what can I do with eon?

EON tokens serve multiple purposes within the Nerd ecosystem. They are used as a reward mechanism in related software products to acknowledge the impactful contributions made by developers. EON tokens can also be redeemed for exclusive community benefits, enhancing user engagement within the community. Additionally, these tokens can be used to cover gas fees on the Hyper Blockchain, be transferred to the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC-20 EON tokens, or be staked for Node Network DGF proposals.

what is the decentralized governance framework?

The Decentralized Governance Framework (DGF) is the mechanism through which Hyper Node owners can participate in the governance of the Hyper Blockchain. Node owners can propose changes and vote on proposals, giving them a say in the future of the network.

How does the referral program work?

The Referral Program allows Node owners to earn rewards by referring others to purchase Nodes. For each dollar of Nodes purchased through a referral, the referring Node owner receives 200 action points. During an introductory period (July 10 to August 24), referring a Smart Node will additionally earn the referrer 10 Lite Nodes. Both Builder Nodes and Lite Nodes are eligible to receive referral bonuses.

what is the introductory offer period?

The Introductory Offer Period is a special phase during the launch of our Nodes, from July 10 to August 24. During this period, we offer bonus rewards for referrals and additional perks for participation. Importantly, during this time, the price for Builder Nodes will not increase.

when do nodes start running and how does it impact distribution?

Distribution of EON tokens begins on August 24, which is also when the Nodes become available to run.

what happens after the introductory offer period?

After the Introductory Offer Period ends, and once the Nodes start running on August 24, the price for Builder Nodes will likely increase significantly. This makes purchasing Nodes during the Introductory Offer Period a unique opportunity.

when will action points start accumulating?

Action points will start accumulating from the moment your Hyper Nodes become operational, which will be on August 24. This is also when the EON token distribution will kick off.